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This dataset provides global estimates of adult mortality risk, 45q15 (probability of death between the ages of 15 years and 60 years), between 1970 and 2010. The guiding principle for the delineation of ICT goods is that such goods must either be intended to fulfil the function of information processing and communication by electronic means, including transmission and display, OR use electronic processing to detect, measure and/or record physical phenomena, or to control a physical process.Another guiding principle was to use existing classification systems in order to take advantage of existing data sets and therefore ensure the immediate use of the proposed standard.

S&P 500 buybacks decline significantly in Q2 2019; expenditures still remain higher than the pre-2018 levels

ILO modelled estimates. The labour income share in GDP is the ratio, in percentage, between total labour income and gross domestic product (a measure of total output), both provided in http://material.pp.ua/alibaba-prodast-akcii-na-20-mlrd-na-birzhe.html nominal terms. Labour income includes the compensation of employees and part of the income of the self-employed. Self-employed workers earn from both their work and capital ownership.

The indices are built from assessing – for each country pair and each measure – whether or not the countries have the same regulation. For each country pair and each sector, the indices reflect the (weighted) share of measures for which the two countries have different regulation. Country RepTrak | Top Countries by ReputationThe Global RepTrak® 100 is a study that Reputation Institute conducts annually to measure the reputation of the world’s 100 most highly-regarded and familiar global companies in 15 countries.

In this table the Dutch import and export value is broken down into commodity categories (SITC sections), continents and a number of countries. The International Macroeconomic Data Set provides historical and projected data for 189 countries that account for more than 99 percent of the world economy. These macroeconomic data and projections are assembled explicitly to serve as underlying assumptions for the annually updated USDA agricultural supply and demand projections, which provide a 10-year outlook on U.S. and global agriculture. The macroeconomic projections describe the long-term scenario that is used as a benchmark for analyzing the impacts of alternative scenarios and macroeconomic shocks. This dataset contains the number of people who graduated from an education programme by country of origin and sex.

Drastic action is needed to put these measures in place to meet any future global target that might be set and save lives. This Dataset contains proprietary and non-proprietary data used in the computation of the World Economic’s Forum Networked Readiness Index. By making this data available, the Forum aims to inform multi-stakeholder dialogue, foster evidence-based, data-driven decisions, allow measuring progress, and support research by academia, journalists and others. The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is a tool designed to comprehensively measure and track hunger globally, regionally, and by country. Each year, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) calculates GHI scores in order to assess progress, or the lack thereof, in decreasing hunger.

The fact that the HS is not built on the basis of the functionality of products makes it much more difficult. The distinction between products which fulfil those functions and products that simply embody electronics but fundamentally fulfil other functions is not always obvious.It is possible to adopt a narrow or broad interpretation of the guideline, though the OECD chose a broader interpretation, an approach which is consistent with that adopted to develop the ICT sector definition. Historical Statistics on Population, GDP and Per Capita GDP for 1-2008 AD period. Copyright Angus Maddison. The data are presented in six collections, displaying main annual results, short sea shipping, passengers, goods vessel traffic and regional statistics.

Information on occupation provides a description of the set of tasks and duties which are carried out by, or can be assigned to, one person. Employees are all those workers who hold paid employment http://primeloansaustralia.ibc.com.au/blog/gaitjanskij-gurd/ jobs, which are those where the incumbents hold employment contracts which give them a basic remuneration not directly dependent upon the revenue of the unit for which they work.

The Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) are a research dataset summarizing the views on the quality of governance provided by a large number of enterprise, citizen and expert survey respondents in industrial and developing countries. These data are gathered from a number of survey institutes, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, international http://lindstedt.com/?p=2485 organizations, and private sector firms. The WGI do not reflect the official views of the World Bank, its Executive Directors, or the countries they represent. The WGI are not used by the World Bank Group to allocate resources. In 2011 and 2012, the full break down by age and sex is not available for some countries of next residence.

  • The number of students enrolled refers to the count of students studying in the reference period.
  • Achieving budgetary balance is one of the specific goals of the Vision; and the NTP also commits to strengthening financial governance, increasing non-oil revenues and improving spending on programs and projects.As one of the Executive Programs announced in the Vision, the Fiscal Balance Program will be a key component in developing a more effective government, by providing intense scrutiny of government finances and acting as a spur to increased efficiency.
  • Data indicate the number of persons who obtained a permanent residence permit in Azerbaijan.
  • A person’s country of origin is that from which the person originates, i.e. the country of his or her citizenship (or, in the case of stateless persons, the country of usual residence).
  • This data presents high-level way of mapping individual countries in terms of talent competitiveness consists of comparing their GTCI scores to their GDP per capita for the selected indicators.In its first year, the GTCI model covers 103 countries,representing 86.3% of the world’s population and 96.7% of the world’s GDP (in current US dollars).It is a simplified manner of acquiring a first assessment about the ways in which competitiveness relates to overall level of economic development of a nation.

Covering 187 countries including most low-income countries, the toolkit provides indicators on export product diversification and export product quality from 1962-2010. The measures in this toolkit are based on an updated version of the UN–NBER dataset, which harmonizes COMTRADE bilateral trade flow data at the 4-digit SITC (Rev. 1) level. The export diversification and quality database was developed by IMF staff under an IMF-DFID research collaboration. The statistics on maritime transport are collected within Directive 2009/42/EC and Commission Decision 2008/861/EC, as amended by Commission Decision 2010/216/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 April 2010, by Regulation 1090/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 November 2010 and by Commission Delegated Decision 2012/186/EU of 3 February 2012. Data are collected by the national competent authorities in the reporting countries using a variety of data sources, such as port administration systems, national maritime databases, customs databases or questionnaires to ports or shipping agents (see section 20.1).

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 (GBD 2017), coordinated by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), estimated the burden of diseases, injuries, and risk factors from 1990 to 2017. The United Nations established, in September 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which specify 17 universal goals, 169 targets, and 232 indicators leading up to 2030.


The Global status report on violence prevention 2014, which reflects data from 133 countries, is the first report of its kind to assess national efforts to address interpersonal violence, namely child maltreatment, youth violence, intimate partner and sexual violence, and elder abuse. The GPSS is the only global survey that combines quantitative and qualitative measures of payment system development and covers all aspects of national payment systems – from infrastructure and the legal and regulatory environment to technological and business model innovations, international remittances, and oversight framework. Global Internal Displacement Database (GIDD) aims to provide comprehensive information on internal displacement worldwide. It covers all countries and territories for which IDMC has obtained data on situations of internal displacement, and provides data on situations of internal displacement associated with conflict and generalized violence (2014-2015), displacement associated with sudden-onset natural hazard-related disasters (2008-2015).

Youth not in education are those who were neither enrolled in school nor in a formal training program (e.g. vocational training) during a specified reference period (e.g., one week). The dataset presents the total number of containers handled by a port, per country, expressed in twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs).

The earnings of employees relate to the gross remuneration in cash and in kind paid to employees, as a rule at regular intervals, for time worked or work done together with remuneration for time not worked, such as annual vacation, other type of paid leave or holidays. Earnings exclude employers’ contributions in respect of their employees paid to social security and pension schemes and also the benefits received by employees under these schemes. Earnings also exclude severance and termination pay. Statistics of earnings relate to the gross remuneration of employees, i.e. the total before any deductions are made by the employer. Data are disaggregated by occupation according to the latest version of the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) available for that year.

Data cited at CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX 2018 by Transparency International is licensed under CC-BY-ND 4.0. Global Corruption Barometer is the largest world-wide public opinion survey on corruption. Imputed observations are not based on national data, are subject to high uncertainty and should not be used for country comparisons or rankings.

курс акций saudi basic