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02 Дек

Bravo announces brand new San Antonio truth series ‘Texicanas’

At final there was name and premiere date for Bravo’s upcoming reality TV show set in San Antonio.

Elevate your margaritas to “Texicanas,” the new docuseries that commences at 9 p.m. May 7.

Very very Long rumored become another “Real housewives spinoff that is” “Texicanas” alternatively chronicles its luxurious ladies’ melodramas through the eyes of Penny Ayarzagoitia, a self-described free character whom operates a San Antonio real-estate business having a spouse by her side, their two sons in the home and a stripper pole inside her family area.

In accordance with Bravo, “Texicanas” follows Ayarzagoitia along with her sophisticated gal pals through la vida loca — and rica — in the Alamo City because they juggle family members and enjoyable. The majority of the females was raised in Mexico before you make San Antonio house.

“Texicanas” reportedly finished filming regarding the Fourth of July in the Fairmount resort, a fitting place for a show bound to possess its share of fireworks. Читать далее