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22 Янв

Just how to speak to your children about sex whenever they’re 2 to five years old

3 years ago, while Lisa King* had been expecting together with her very very first child, her then six-year-old nephew became captivated by her growing stomach. “He’d ask, ‘How did the child get as part of your tummy?’ and ‘How could be the child likely to escape?’”

Whenever King left those inquiries along with her nephew’s mom and grandmother, “Words like god and miracle had been tossed around,” recalls King. She told herself that, whenever it came to teaching her kids about intercourse, she will be honest and open.

Now a mother to a 10-month-old and a two-and-a-half-year-old, King would like to keep that vow. There’s just one single problem: “i want some fundamental guidance, an outline possibly, of things to speak about when,” she states.

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