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Cambodian Conventional Marriage Customs

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Imagining the intercourse of the infant is a means to relationship with your one that is little before arrive.

Sex Forecast Methods

The following are practices utilized to anticipate the intercourse of a child:


Amniocentesis is one of the more accurate types of determining intercourse ahead of the delivery, with near 100 % precision. Nevertheless, the test is rarely done when it comes to purpose that is sole of intercourse due to the medical dangers associated with procedure.

During an amniocentesis (amnio for quick), a needle is very carefully placed through the stomach in to the womb and to the amniotic sac. Ultrasound can be used to steer the needle, in order to avoid harming the child. The needle will be used to attract up amniotic fluid.

This amniotic fluid contains genetic product through the child. Читать далее