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29 Май

Don’t Ask Someone How Many Individuals They’ve Slept With

“What’s your quantity? Like, you’ve had intercourse with? ”

This concern has frustrated me personally because the extremely time that is first heard somebody ask it.

We don’t care about their number whenever we ask individuals for their quantity. Instead, we worry about the presumptions we could make about them centered on their number. As soon as we ask individuals due to their quantity, we’re actually asking another concern. We have been asking…

  • “Do you would like intercourse? ”
  • About it? “Do you protect your sex, or are you extremely casual”
  • “Do you have got a wide sufficient base of expertise to comprehend the finer points of intercourse? ”
  • “Do you get down on times a whole lot? ”
  • “Do you’ve got one stands a lot? Night”

The thing is, the true wide range of intimate lovers someone’s had does not respond to some of these concerns. Читать далее