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16 Июн

Confession: We Am Straight… But We Frequently Have Intercourse Along With Other Guys

A right man whom frequently has intercourse along with other males describes why having homointercourseual intercourse does not make one homosexual.

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Dear Directly Individuals,

I would consider myself straight although I frequently have sex with other men. Ahead of the rainbow banner waving homosexual activists begin denouncing me personally as a closeted gay man that is in denial, please hear me personally out first before you hop to this shallow summary.

First off, I’m a 26-year old guy who actually likes ladies. I’ve had 3 ex-girlfriends prior to, each of who I’ve been extremely actually and emotionally interested in. But the maximum amount of I also don’t mind getting off with other men as I enjoy the company of the opposite sex.

My Very Very First Gay Experience

The first-time we ever endured intercourse with another man ended up being whenever I ended up being 15.

We went along to an all-boys secondary school and we were all perpetually horny as you can imagine. My clique and I also utilized to bib boobs together watch porn after college. Читать далее