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19 Июн

Three dead after plane accident at norwegianair

Three dead after plane accident at norwegianair


Norwegian airline has confirmed that three people were killed in a crash near Amsterdam in eastern Holland, on the way to a flight from Amsterdam to New York.

In a tweet from the company’s account: «Three people killed in the incident on the runway during the flight더킹카지노 from Amsterdam to Newark.»

The plane, carrying 111 passengers, was due to land in Newark at 7.52pm when it crashed on the runway.

The cause of the incident is yet to be confirmed.

A fourth person suffered minor injuries when his cabin doonatyasastra.comr opened.

The plane was flying between Amsterdam and New York when it crashed in the Amsterdam-Schiphol area of the Netherlands.

Emergency services attended the crash in Holland.

The plane had departed Amsterdam in the early hours on Monday, en route to New York, from the Dutch city of Valkenburg when it crashed.

The Dutch Civil Aviation Authority was informed and sent a team to the crash site at around 7am.

No-one has yet been reported injured in the crash. The official cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Norwegian Airlines is said to be working to establish its financial status and the full extent of the passenger우리카지노 damage, with a statement on the company’s website saying it would be informed about «all the information» available to it.

A spokesman confirmed the airline had cancelled its planned departure from New York and that all flights on routes from Amsterdam to New York would be rerouted.