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20 Июн

Earls lawyer still waiting on nrl approval

Earls la우리카지노wyer still waiting on nrl approval

A former Democratic state representative and former state senator who is challenging Republican incumbent Sen. Joni Ernst in the Iowa Senate race, said she was «heartbroken» and asked voters not to blame her defeat on the race between Ernst and Republican Carl Thayer.

«There are a lot of reasons for the loss that I’m sure you share,» Ernst, the first woman ever nominated for statewide office in the state, told the newspaper. «But I’m so heartbroken. But, look at더킹카지노 how much he campaigned and did. That’s all I’ve heard from Iowa voters.»

Ernst’s campaign issued a statement on Wednesday saying it was «deeply disappointed and heartbroken» by the loss, and said the «strong and united Democratic community has continued to support Sen. Ernst’s campaign, no matter what.»

The statement said, «We understand Sen. Ernst has lost and will have more to say on Monday and will continue fighting for Iowa values in every way.»

Thayer, a U.S. Senate candidate who backed Ernst as a tea party candidate in the primary, ran a largely ineffective campaign and didn’t connect with the electorate.

In a letter sent to supporters early Wednesday morning, Thayer called the Ernst loss더킹카지노 a «sad day for Iowa politics and democracy.»

In an interview with The Des Moines Register, Thayer said the race should be about who the «real Iowa» should be, not just whether the U.S. Senate candidate in the state is more conservative.

«The reality is that in our state right now we’re seeing a big divide between those two camps, and this is going to be a battle that everyone is involved in,» he said. «Nobody wants to see what could have been. I can’t tell you what I would do differently, but we shouldn’t have been a two-party system.»