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Search for missing teenager abandoned near Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, on July 28, 2001

Search for missing teenager abandoned near Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, on July 28, 2001


Foster County Prosecutor’s Office:


Cedar Ridge, WI (WYMT)

Authorities say four teens were living near a home they rented in Cedar Ridge. Authori바카라ties say three boys and two girls vanished and their bodies were found along road near Stacey County

http://www.fox58news.com/news/local/Cedar-Ridge/Migration-Firm-Poses-Mound of-Ghost-Cameras/4bcc36ce-eb7c-11e4-83d5-a8cb5c69e6e7.html

Rice County, WI (WDIS)

The bodies of four people have been found in rural central Oklaho바카라ma near one of the few remaining road cuts in the area. Two of the victims were found just south of Highway 40.


Fort Werners, TX (CBS)

Authorities have identified a person in connection with the discovery of a body on Wednesday, May 2, in a grassy field east of a road-cut, along State Highway 59 in Fort Werners, Texas.


Fort Worth, TX (KFMI)

Investigators were still trying to piece together who may have found the bodies of three men and a woman last week after a police officer from the Fort Worth Police Department found their bodies in the area, according to a local newspaper. The body was identified by th