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AI Syoujyo: Girls Status. These values control the present condition associated with the girl. There are a variety of states girls can experience.

All figures have reached minimum 18

  • Girls Reputation
  • Things
  • Crafting
  • Cooking
  • Housing
  • Animals
  • H Guide



  • 1 Stats
  • 2 Period
  • 3 States
  • 4 Life Style
  • 5 Parameters
  • 6 Desire
  • 7 Girls faculties
  • 8 Ecchi characteristics


These values control the present condition for the woman.

  • Heat: Affects getting unwell. Increase with moving close to fire. Decrease by moving in rain or through waterfal, or wet towel
  • Mood: Affects «Lets have intercourse» presence in talk as well as the positions that are available sex. Increase with diry talk.
  • Hunger: Decrease with consuming together, or suggesting for eating. Читать далее