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Woman ‘has intercourse’ with balloons and claims the excitement arises from knowing they are able to ‘pop at any moment’

Maggy BerLoon, 31, stated she possessed a ‘hell of lots of bouncy fun’ sex that is having balloons

  • 13 Dec 2018, 11:47
  • Updated: 14 Dec 2018, 15:33
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A FEMALE has defended her uncommon fetish of experiencing intercourse with BALLOONS — despite individuals considering it “weird”.

Maggy BerLoon, that is maybe maybe not her surname that is real tinkering with inflatables a lot more than 10 years ago after meeting now-husband Jan, and defines it as “a hell large amount of bouncy fun”.

The 31-year-old explained the product range of methods the pleasure seekers, referred to as “looners”, enjoyed the balloons — including with them as adult sex toys and having sex on top of these.

The balloons they normally use range in proportions from normal birthday celebration people to giant people that individuals can take a seat on top of.

Maggy, from Solingen, Germany, said the thrill originates from once you understand the balloon could pop at any minute, and desires visitors to embrace the less popular desire.

She’s got opened concerning the global realm of balloon fetishes when you look at the hopes of educating strangers and empowering other looners.

Maggy, owner of store Balloons United, said: “Balloons have individuals stimulated but just just exactly how they repeat this may be completely diverse.

“I think for several looners, all things are in regards to the product, the design, the appearance, hit website the feel, along with, the flexibleness together with high stress that such a delicate item usually takes. Читать далее