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12 Окт

Place straight down a towel but nonetheless intend on showering after.Gloves and condoms, really.

this can be a strange ask but we do not actually understand whom else to inquire of and I also’m devoid of fortune finding responses by myself. as you appear to have a good number of resources for intercourse wellness information, have you figured out any resources for just how to safely have anal intercourse? There is plenty of material for STDs, less on how best to avoid damage, keep every thing clean, and look after the parts after going at it rough

Lube up, extend, get slow, make use of condoms.

If you’re perhaps not certain you need to offer your self an enema in advance (in the event that you’ve got gut dilemmas you prooooobably desire to avoid regular since they can disrupt your gut germs) consume light the afternoon before, see when you can have a shit prior to the planned buttfuckening, manually clean yourself along with you’ll when you look at the bath, and think about fucking into the bath.

In the event that you’ve never had any such thing in the sofa usually do not prepare on having rectal intercourse, become accustomed to plugs and toys and hands first.

Gloves and condoms, really.

Place straight down a towel but nonetheless intend on showering after.

According to, uh. A lot of things. You may well be free and feel weird for anywhere from a few hours to an or two day. Kegel workouts can help with this feeling however, if you’re focused on, like, seepage or anything wear a pantyliner for satisfaction. Читать далее