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02 Янв

1. Sends signals that are mixed appears unreliable; terms are incongruous for their actions ( ag e.g., does/says something, after which soon after does/says the exact opposite).

2. Comes on very good; is seductive, extremely charming, flattering, and flirtatious; may quickly state, “I favor you,” “You’re so perfect”, “Where are you all my entire life,” etc.; may portray a “perfect/idealistic future together”; and/or quickly pressures you for dedication or commitment.

3. Communication is foggy or obscure; speaks in roundabout terms about current circumstances or in sharing of past relationship/’s; seems secretive or mystical.

4. is not in committed relationship for the period that is long); she or he may attribute his/her long-lasting single status to outside circumstances, such as for example perhaps maybe maybe not fulfilling “the perfect one”, or needing an “ideal textbook love partner/relationship”; (look at this indication if they’re over 30).

5. Drinks, smokes cooking pot, or does medications exceptionally; and/or is a workaholic; or has many other addiction that is apparent compulsion (gambling, porn, etc.).

6. Appears managing; wishes you to definitely replace your appearance (clothing, hair, etc.), or change everything you do (your work, social tasks, whom you spend some time with, etc.); may constantly text or phone; expects/demands your entire time, particularly on his/her terms— may be furious, remote, moody or cool in the event that you don’t react.

7. Fiercely values self-reliance, freedom, or self-reliance (she or he might or might not state this).

8. Wants or prefers casual intercourse; is fine having “friends with benefits”; words/discussions lean more on intimately linking, significantly less on taking time and energy to get acquainted with each other; may attempt to stress you to definitely be physical/sexual. Читать далее