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19 Янв

John C. Anderson Apartments, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Picture courtesy…

The John C. Anderson Apartments can be an LGBT apartment that is friendly for individuals age 62 and older. «When you walk into the entry way, you have got a wow experience,» states Mark Segal, a homosexual activist whom envisioned and aided develop the John C. Anderson Apartments. The sleek, subsidized $19.5 million building opened in 2014, in what is referred to as Philly’s «Gayborhood,» its 6,000 square foot courtyard garden has been an attractive location from the time. The room became more stunning when, in the beginning, residents asked when they could just take on the yard after which replaced the landscaper and won prestigious farming honors. » just What makes the yard extraordinary is that it’s an expression of those whom reside right here, in addition to of those who administer this building and help us,» claims Elizabeth Coffey Williams, that is transgender plus one associated with self dubbed «Garden Gang.»

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