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Indian tribes gambling on high-interest loans to boost income

in the exact middle of the Ottawa National Forest, there is certainly a native reservation that is american snowdrifts mark the key road into city. By the end of that city, there is certainly a casino with cent slots and a three-story resort. In the rear of that resort, there is certainly a locked, unmarked home with a punch rule. And beyond that home is really a repurposed ballroom, when useful for wedding receptions, where 11 workers — backed by way of a Wall Street hedge investment, sustained by way of a call center within the Philippines — now sell loans online to credit-constrained Americans at annualized interest rates of 780 percent.

For the reason that old ballroom, sitting in a grey cubicle, looking at her Dell: A 25-year-old whom just got down food stamps whenever she took this $11-per-hour task. Читать далее