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Click on the Virus & threat protection option with the shield logo to proceed. In recent Windows 10 versions Microsoft has enabled Tamper protection. To be able to turn on the checkbox, it needs to be disabled first. The app will show you a warning that the Tamper Protection is preventing it from modifying Defender’s policies.

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Under the Virus & threat protection settings tab, select Manage settings to proceed. Open the Start menu and type virus and threat protection in the search bar.

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  • Windows doesn’t save the credentials you enter in the User Account Control message box; they are valid for this operation only.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have access to administrator credentials can’t perform the operation, which effectively prevents non-administrators from making changes you haven’t authorized.
  • User Account Control protects your computer from changes to Windows system settings by requiring that an administrator expressly permit certain types of changes.

I used MSconfig to stop it from running on startup but it just kept coming back. There was a tutorial online how to remove it but that didn’t work either. Because it is ill-advised to run without an antimalware solution installed, I don’t believe it is possible to disable Windows Defender without installing a 3rd party security solution.

You can also undo the changes anytime by repeating the same steps till step 5. Just switch the selection back from Enabled to Not Configured, click on Apply and OK.

You may always remove windows defender altogether by booting an ephemeral linux distribution like gparted, mounting your windows partition and removing the windows defender folders, where the executables reside. Any help would be appreciated I really don’t wanna have to make a program to disable it but I will try to use C# to do it if I don’t find another solution. Prior to disabling an inbuilt security solution, if you are trying to execute any particular task, you don’t have to disable the Defender Antivirus permanently.

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Plus, I note now it is called Microsoft Defender because it is much more than just a malware scanner for Windows, the OS. For example, the built in firewall is part of Microsoft Defender. I hope you are able toDisable Windows Defender In Windows 10 permanently. Just make sure if you are not using Windows Defender Antivirus Security, have a third-party antivirus program installed on your PC. The web is too dangerous if you are not keeping your PC safe. With the ability to disable Microsoft Defender wikidll.com/creative-labs/openal32-dll via the registry revoked, malware can no longer exploit the vulnerability in the Tamper Protection system. However, with the Windows 10 August 2020 update (version 4.18.2007.8), the setting that allowed users to deactivate Microsoft Defender via the registry has been “discontinued and will be ignored on client devices,” Microsoft explained.

Please note that you can’t completely uninstall Windows Defender. Even if you manage to delete its service or files, it will, most likely, be restored on the next major Windows update. From the right-hand pane, select Manage settings under Virus & threat protection settings. There are times when we want to enable or disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 quickly. For example, if we are installing a software which requires that the antivirus should be disabled while installation . Systems with multiple users, make sure you are signed in as an administrator to enable or disable the antivirus. Note that these changes are permanent and could expose your computer to security threats and malware unless you replace the Defender with another security tool.