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31 Авг

we offer college preparatory courses and lectures.

ENC 1101 Written Communication I (3)(A.A.)

Three hours each week. Prerequisite of ENC 0025C and REA 0017 or score that is appropriate English and Reading placement tests. This program meets Area I dependence on the A.A., A.S. and A.A.S. general education requirements. This program encompasses grammar and diction review, composition, expository writing, make use of both primary and source that is multiple, instruction in the utilization of the library and writing the study paper and practice in oral communication.

ENC 1102 Written Communication II (3 a.A. that is)(

Three hours per week. Prerequisite ENC 1101 with a grade of «C» or better: this program meets Area I dependence on the A.A. general education requirements. Although this course is an introduction to literature, with a focus on fiction, drama and poetry, emphasis is on composition and grammar. A research paper is required.

Three hours lecture per week. Prerequisite: ENC 1101 with a grade of «C» or better. This might be a course that is basic communication, both written and oral, for anyone who must convey specific information accurately and clearly. Representative aspects of technical communication encountered in business and industry are covered.

Three hours each week. Prerequisites: ENC 1101 and registration that is concurrent or completion of ENC 1102 with a grade of «C» or better. This program is a workshop that is beginning the writing of poetry and/or fiction; projects in drama are optional. Assignments (some formal, some thematic) in a choice of poetry and/or fiction are designed to stimulate beginning writers and to familiarize these with literary techniques and forms. Читать далее

26 Авг

Academic Language and also the nagging Problem of Meaninglessness

It is really easy to reduce monitoring of this is of terms. State any term sufficient times and it also turns into a simple noise, its semantic content steadily evaporating with every extra use (“anthill…anthill…anthill…”) Some terms, such as for instance “democracy,” “justice,” and “fascism,” can eventually develop into a bit more than empty praise or pejorative, fundamentally the exact carbon copy of declaring “Hooray with this thing!” or “Boo to this thing.”

But, and also this is going without saying, if folks are really attempting to talk to each other their terms have to have meaning, and we also must have reasonably fixed and recognizable definitions for ideas and actions. That’s always going become evasive, considering that the usages of terms will alter with time and differ among users, so that it will be impossible for just about any meaning to keep certainly stable and universally consented. Читать далее

08 Авг

The era of essay and academic writing

Maybe you have speculate the known proven fact that why do teachers and professors give you this couple of written assignments? Why an oral test or assessment is sufficient to evaluate your talent? The clear answer is very simple. An essay is the most resilient solution to express one’s self.

An essay happens to be an integral section of our academic tenure. Whether you are in your school or pursuing higher degree such as for example Ph.D. or Masters, an essay is really what asses you’re potential. It is found that students bemoan about writing an essay. They neglected to realize its significance that is true in career. Читать далее