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Статья в тему: Всё, что вам нужно знать о Bitcoin кошельках!

Биржа криптовалют webmoney. WMX top-up and withdrawal service. Agreement on Property Rights Keeping – WebMoney to Bitcoin, Bitcoin to WebMoney exchange. WMX top-up and withdrawal service. The service for storing and transferring your BITCOIN property rights is provided by the Guarantor of X-purses, INDX Transactions LTD. Terms of the service are set forth by the Guarantor in the terms and conditions (storage Agreement) accepted by users of the system upon registering their X-purses. Your BTC storage rights are verified in the form of deposits to your X-purses equivalent to the sum of WMX acceptance receipts. The exchange rate set by the Guarantor is 0.001 cex BTC = 1 WMX. The Guarantor will deposit the WMX to your purse after receiving six or more confirmations on the bitcoin.org P2P database verifying your transfers of BTC to the addresses provided by the Guarantor. The Guarantor will accept any BITCOIN amounts for storage, but will deposit WMX only in amounts exceeding 0.0001 BTC.

Ожидается поддержка крупных инвесторов.

Only BTC of the amount exceeding 1.00 WMX can be returned from the storage. For the return from storage transaction, you need to set the service fee yourself. The service fee varies depending on the current BitCoin transaction fees but not less than 0.0005 BTC and not greater than 0.010 BTC. The transaction FeeRate, which is the ratio of the transaction fee in BTC to its size in kB, directly depends on the selected commission. The higher the FeeRate, the quicker your transaction will be confirmed by the Bitcoin network. The Guarantor undertakes the responsibility to forward your transaction into the Bitcoin network with the FeeRate which is no less than the one selected by you. In order to make top-up or withdraw transactions, the user must hold at least a formal WM Passport with his/her personal data verified. A return from storage may be delayed subject to the Passport type of a system participant: Initial Passport and higher — up to 0.3 BTC per day is released without delay, for amounts greater than the stated amount, the delay is up to 24 hours; Formal Passport with a Photo ID — up to 0.3 BTC per day is released without delay, for amounts greater than the stated amount, the delay is up to 48 hours; Formal Passport and lower — the expected delay is up to 48 hours.

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